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Type of Wash to be chosen:

Based on the finish and look you need for the product, we need to choose the wash. We are introducing some of the wash we offer.

Normal Wash

It is the normal method of wash which is done to make sure that T-Shirts are neat. T-Shirts are washed using hot water, and detergent. After that, it is allowed to undergo 100% drying. The intention of this wash is just to make sure all the shrinkage is arrested and the product is free of dirt.


Bio Wash helps the fabric to be soft. It is comparatively a gentle wash and the durability of the fabric is longer. It maintains and preserves the color of the shirts at a higher level.  Most of our clients prefer to have the fabric to be bio-washed.

Silicon wash

Silicon wash can be done before or after the print on the T-Shirts. Silicon wash helps in avoiding the pilling and provide the tear resistance for the fabric. Silicon wash also helps in giving softness to the fabric.

Enzyme Wash

Enzyme wash gives the soft feeling for the fabric and print on it. It increases the color fastness. It further enhances the anti-pilling effect of the fabric.

Vintage Wash

Vintage wash provides a class look for the fabric. It gives a different fade look to the fabric and design printed on it. Many of clients use this for specific designs.

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