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Different types of Printing Methods:

There are multiple types of printing offered from us. The printing method is chosen considering below factors

-          Type of fabric

-          Nature of print

-          Quality of print

-          Quality of the fabric

-          Number of prints per design

We have the below types of printings offered to our clients.

Screen Printing

It is the most common printing methods used in T-Shirt printing. This is also called silk screen printing. It has different forms like Table printing, rotary printing, MHM printing etc. We can have up to 14 colors in printing. For obtaining high precision for the print, we use MHM printing for bulk orders. Screen Printing is used to complete bulk orders with single or multicolored printing. Based on type of fabric use water based ink, pigment ink or discharge dyes.


Sublimation printing is mainly used to print on polyester jerseys. Without any limitation on number of colors we can print using sublimation method.

Digital Printing or Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing

When the number of T-Shirts to be printed is very less and you have high number of colors in the design, DTG is the solution. The cost per print will not reduce as the number of print increases. But, we can print as less as just one piece also. This method is mainly used for custom printing. 

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